Important announcement



YOU are our next character.

Maybe you know, or maybe not, all the information you put on Facebook is stored on the servers of that company. It also stores all the interactions you have with this application and other associated applications.
What you may not know, or maybe you do, is that you can download all this information stored by the company about you. You can do this at

This is our challenge: you have the opportunity to serve as an inspiration for the creation of the characters of our next play. You just have to download and send us the file with all the information that Facebook stored about you. This information can be used to create the characters of the play we are preparing.

YOU can be our next character!

If you’re interested, send us your file by April 25 to

The play will premiere on May 29 and 30 at the Gil Vicente Academic Theater in Coimbra. See you there!

The terms in which we use the information about you will be identical to those established by Facebook, which you can consult at the following address: