Embody the Brain Workshop


©Pedro Andrade e João Sarnadas


Arte & Ciência Workshop*
Embody the Brain

Saturday, 26th January, at 17:00
Saturday, 2nd February, at 17:00

Saturday, 4th March, at 17:00

Convento São Francisco, Coimbra

The workshop is included in the exhibition of the show The Secret Gland

Duration: 30 minutes | Audience: ages 6 to 12 | Capacity: 30 people



The systems of the body have the Brain as their main leader: it controls everything we feel and do.

Is eating good for the brain?
Is sleeping a waste of time?
Does the brain decide if i’m happy or sad?
How does the heart beat?

We’ll be exploring these and many other questions in this art & science workshop, dedicated to the functioning of the various bodily systems.

A workshop designed by neuroscientists from the Centre for Neuroscience & Cellular Biology, part of the International Week of the Brain in partnership with Marionet – Associação Cultural and Câmara Municipal de Coimbra / Convento São Francisco.



2019 | Ana Rita Álvaro, Ana Teresa Viegas, Bárbara Santos, Laetitia Gaspar e Sara Amaral

2017 | Ana Rita Álvaro, Ana Teresa Viegas, Lara Oliveira Franco e Sara Varela Amaral