The Secret Gland


© Pedro Andrade and João Sarnadas


2 March | 3pm* and 9.30pm
3 March | 3pm* and 9.30pm
4 March | 4pm

Convento São Francisco, Coimbra

*School sessions



Clara and Fernando never met.

Fernando wants to meet Clara, but she doesn’t want to meet him, because she doesn’t like him.

Fernando insists, because he really likes her, but Clara shows Fernando that he’s a monster.

Even so, he likes that and tries to get close. She dislikes that.

Then, Fernando reveals that he has a secret map that indicates where is the gland that makes us like others. He thinks Clara may have a problem there, but she complains that she doesn’t. They decide to find out where Clara’s gland is, wich will be somewhere inside her.

The Secret Gland is about the systems that compose our bodies and whose articulated functioning allows us to live. We are intricate. We hold ourselves in a complex body, and we pay little attention to how we function. And this is surprising because of the tremendous importance we attach to being alive.

If on the one hand there is a well-demarcated border between an individual and his surroundings, on the other there is an extensive border between the individual and his interior. We exist there, in that inter-frontier space. There are processes that continually occur during this ongoing task of stying alive.

The Secret Gland seeks to bring people closer to the structure and functioning of their bodies, deepening their perception of who we are and how we are. It’s a cross-dress at all ages, but with the young audience as a special recipient, trying to meet their issues as they burn with more impetus.


Cast and crew:

Discussion and ideas: Filipe Eusébio, Francisca Moreira, Laetitia Morais, Lucília Raimundo, Marcelo dos Reis, Mário Montenegro, Pedro Andrade, Rui Simão;

Writer: Mário Montenegro;

Direction: Mário Montenegro;

Actors: Filipe Eusébio, Lucília Raimundo;

Scenography, costumes and props: Pedro Andrade;

Lighting and technical direction: Rui Simão;

Video: Laetitia Morais;

Original sound track: Marcelo dos Reis;

Image: Pedro Andrade e João Sarnadas

Executive production and stage photography: Francisca Moreira;

Hairstyling: Carlos Gago – Ilídio Design;

Co-production: MARIONET and Convento São Francisco