The Lusiads in the Science Museum


[Photography by Francisca Moreira]

[Video by UCV]


March 3 to 21 | Zoology Gallery of the Science Museum, University of Coimbra

Tuesday to Friday | 10h30 and 15h00 | school public

Saturday | 15h00 e 21h30 | general public


In the adaptation we made from The Lusiads of Luís Vaz de Camões we opted for a chronological view of Vasco da Gama’s voyage to India in order to synchronize it with the other voyage made by the audience during the show – the one throughout the Zoology Gallery of the Science Museum. This play is part of the 17th Cultural Week of The University of Coimbra.



We start in the quay, filled with lusitan vessels ready to depart, and where the crowd gathers to say farewell to their beloved ones. An important part is the famous episode of the Velho do restelo.

Then the voyage passes along the western African coast and there’s a poetic description of what Portuguese sailors have found in these new lands. This coast ends in the Torments Cape where we meet the impressive figure of Adamastor who suffers from an unsuccessful love affair.

Passed the cape we attend to the God’s council, in Olympus, where decide Portuguese’s destiny. Meanwhile, they are already sailing in the vast Indian Ocean where they cross a violent storm and reach, at last, Indian land.

There, after some peace and friendship promises exchanged between Vasco da Gama and the Samorim, the Portuguese head to Portugal carrying some proofs of the new maritime discovery. During that return voyage they are rewarded by Venus who offers them Love Island filled with nymphs and pleasures, where they could refresh before the final part of the voyage until Lisbon. They arrived home two years and two months after they had left.



Discussion and ideas: Mário Montenegro, Marta Félix, Miguel Lança, Pedro Andrade, Pedro Lamas, Teresa Girão, Ricardo Vaz Trindade;

Actors: Marta Félix, Miguel Lança, Pedro Lamas, Ricardo Vaz Trindade;

Adaptation: Filipe de Góis and Mário Montenegro;

Direction: Mário Montenegro;

Scenography, image, costumes and props: Pedro Andrade;

Original sound track: Rui Capitão;

Video: Mário Montenegro and Ricardo Vaz Trindade

Lighting and technical direction: Mafalda Oliveira;

Stage photography: Francisca Moreira;

Hairstyling: Carlos Gago – Ilídio Design;

Executive production: Teresa Girão.

Co-production: MARIONET and Science Museum 2015



Tuesday to Friday (school public)

3€ / students


Saturday (general public)

3€ / children under 13

5€ / students

8€ / normal



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Company financed by: Câmara Municipal de Coimbra

Supporters: Universidade de Coimbra | 17ª Semana Cultural-UC 725 Anos: Tempo de Encontro(s); Fundação Bissaya Barreto; Ilidio Design Cabeleireiros; MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra

Acknowledgements: Condomínio Criativo de Coimbra; Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (TAGV)