Premiere on November 23rd at Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, in Coimbra.


Theatre play included on the official program of the International Year of Light 2015.
Results from research and experimentation around the theme ‘light’, having for key notions the double nature of light, the limits its velocity imposes to our knowledge of the universe, the essentiality of vision to humankind, the many metaphorical meanings associated with light and lighting. We will also focus on the use of light on stage, underlining the techniques that use light for lighting, for coding and transmitting information, focusing on aspects related to color, movement, intensity, contrast, brightness, and its relation with the human eye and brain.


Direction: Mário Montenegro
Actors: Filipe Eusébio, Joana Macias, Lucília Raimundo
Scenography, costumes, props and image: Pedro Andrade
Lighting: Rui Simão
Video: Laetitia Morais
Music: Marcelo dos Reis
Executive production: Joana Macias
Coproduction: Marionet / TAGV