Carl Djerassi has left us


It was with profound sadness that we heard about the passing of Carl Djerassi.
Carl became famous for being one of the scientists responsible for the pill, but in the last decades he developed a path in the world of literature, writing several books in different genre, that were translated in a wide number of languages.
In the dramatic field, he became an important voice both as a writer and a theorist in what he termed “science-in-theatre”. Marionet premiered one of his plays, “Calculus”, in Coimbra, in 2011, where it had the privilege of having Prof. Djerassi in the audience, and will premiere another of his plays, “Ego”, nesx April, knowing beforehand that we will not have him with us. That’s why we are so deeply sad. Carl greatly wanted his play “Ego” to be presented in Portugal because it mentions Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms, and so he commissioned the production of the Portuguese version to Marionet. He desired to hear the words of this play in Portuguese.
Unfortunately he left us before that could happen. And he already knew it would be this way. But, determined and pragmatic as he was, kept his will of having this play acted in Portugal. And so it will be. It’s one more of the uncountable consequences that his vital energy leaves amongst us.
Thank you Carl. We will meet again in eternity.

His obituary at the Stanford University page.