Scientists – wanted!


This year, together with scientists from the University of Coimbra, we will create a new theatre play to be presented during the European Researcher’s Night.

This will be the fifth year we collaborate with the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra to bring to stage those who dedicate themselves to the scientific endeavour.

The first meeting of this project will take place at the Science Museum next thursday, July 17th, at 17h.

You can finde below the call issued by the Science Museum. If you work in science here’s your opportunity to show that you have what it takes, on stage! Show up!

[© Francisca Moreira, 2010 -  Flies Are Rats That Fly]





After the huge success of “Mr. de Chimpanzee“, “Flies Are Rats That Fly“, “Asn Ala Tyr Lys Lys Gly Glu” and “And now, Frankenstein?“, the science Museum of the University of Coimbra (MCUC), in partnership with MARIONET theatre company, proposes to present at the 2104 edition of the European Researchers’ Night, a new science play with a cast entirely composed of scientists.

With this aim, the MCUC invites you to participate in the first meeting for this project, with Paulo Gama Mota (MCUC) e Mário Montenegro (MARIONET), which will take place next thursday, July 17th, at 17h, at the Science Museum .

The European Researchers’ Night is promoted and financed by the European Comission in several European countries. Every year, during the same night, thousands of researchers gather, all over Europe, in an open event to the public, addressing issues that range from the current scientific challenges to science curiosities. This event, with a programme filled with a enormous variety of activities, attracts several hundreds of people to the different activities, who have the opportunity to experience fascinating scientific experiments, Among its main objectives, the European Researchers’ Night aims at making European researchers aware of the importance of science communication as a medium to approach sience and the public.

This year, with the overall theme of “Citizen Science”, the Researchers’ Night takes will be on September 26th, in a partnership between the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, the Natural History and Science Museum of Lisbon and the Lisbon City Council.