What’s the smallest thing you’ve ever seen?
Everything in our world has an exact size and many different scales we can easily imagine. To understand the world at nanoscale we can compare a football with planet Earth or a marble with Einstein’s head.

We all understand that the distance transforms what we see. We can see a dot in the sky during all our lives but only when we get closer we can be sure of it being a planet. The same dot in a map can be a whole city, but from an airplane’s window each dot down there is a person, a house or a plane. But a dot with 100 nanometers in a fingertip is simply invisible to our eyes.

NANO T is the record of our approach to the world of the infinitely small. In marionet’s research path on the possible interactions between art, science and technology, we can say it’s nanotechnology analyzed by the imagination.
What if the tiniest thing we can see is still too large for us?


Discussion and Ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Filipe Eusébio, Joana Cardoso, Lígia Anjos, Lucília Raimundo, Mário Gutiérrez Cru, Mário Montenegro, Nádia Nogueira, Pedro Augusto (aka Ghuna X); Direction: Alexandre Lemos; Cast: Filipe Eusébio, Lucília Raimundo, Nádia Nogueira; Costume and props: Joana Cardoso; Original soundtrack: Pedro Augusto (aka Ghuna X);Video: Mario Gutiérrez Cru; Light operation: Celestino Gomes; Design: Joana Cardoso e Nicolai Sarbib; Illustration: Mister Mourão; Photography: Francisca Moreira; video: Rodrigo Lacerda; Hairstyling: Ilídio Design;Produção executiva: Executive producer; NANO T is an artistic creation of marionet in 2012.


Governo de Portugal – Direcção-Geral das Artes, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Universidade de Coimbra, Semana Cultural da Universidade de Coimbra, Fundação Bissaya Barreto, ilídio design, MAFIA, TEUC, Antena 2, Bloco esquerda, Dolce Vita, Público, PCP, RTP2, RUC, UCV.