MIM – My Inner Mind 



A creation about the way the human being has conscience about himself and the world, and the effort he makes trying to understand that way of being, trying to know himself better. The brain looking at the brain.

From January til July 2010 MARIONET was one of the 10 selected candidates to experience an artistic residency in the Program Net of Residencies – Arte | Science and Technology Experimentation, from Ciência Viva and DGArtes. Our residency was in the Centre for Neurosciences and Celular Biology of the University of Coimbra (CNC), where we accompanied the daily routines and projects of some of the research groups inside that centre. The fact we were able to use a room in the centre to work in, allowed us to interact more closely with the object of our artistic study and to acquire a vast quantity of materials, and a lot of them weren’t used during our stay there. It’s this collection of creative materials, together with the close relation we established with CNC, that constitute de beginning of the project MIM – My Inner Mind.

Blog from our artistic residency > HERE.

MIM is a play about brains. Brains that use the brain, brains that study the brain, brains that create, brains that sense, that recall, that experiment, that get emotional, that learn, that live. It’s also a play about remembering and its reverse, forgetting, and was intended to become an experience to those who attend it. A sensorial and reasoned experience, invoking personal memories and creating new ones. The play is a path through remembering and forgetting along the premises of CNC.

Along the path you can find memories from other places and times, other people, many of them collected during the last few weeks before the premiere in a repository of small objects charged with memories we called Memorion. And, of course, also the memory of the daily routine of the research centre in the constant quest of trying to find out why we are as we are.

Unusually, we will allow the audience to take photos and film the performance, so that they can keep memories from it using the technological gadgets we all carry nowadays. We intend that the audience contribute to the making of a memory of the play through those pictures and recordings, and will try to recollect all those contributions and personal points of view.

Runs from November 21st to December 1st (wed. to sat.) at 21h30 at the CNC premises.

Creative and technical team

Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Filipe Eusébio, José Miguel Pereira, Lígia Anjos, Lucília Raimundo, Mafalda Oliveira, Marcelo dos Reis, Mário Montenegro, Marta Félix, Pedro Andrade;
Texts e acting: Filipe Eusébio, Lucília Raimundo, Mário Montenegro;
Direction: Mário Montenegro;
Scenography, costumes, props and image: Pedro Andrade;
Music and interpretation: José Miguel Pereira, Marcelo dos Reis;
Lighting and technical direction: Mafalda Oliveira;
Technical assistance: José Castro Gomes, Rui Capitão;
Photography: Francisca Moreira;
Video capture and editing: Ana Félix;
Hair: Carlos Gago;
Executive production: Alexandre Lemos, Marta Félix, Teresa Girão (CNC).

A marionet production in 2012.

Venue: Centre for Neurosciences and Celular Biology of the University of Coimbra
Dates: November 21st until December 1st (wed. to sat.) at 21h30

10€ [Normal]
6€ [students, arts and sciences professionals]

T. 931671163

Attention: very limited capacity, we advise you to make a reservation.


Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Centro de Neurociências e Biologia Molecular da Universidade de Coimbra, Dolce Vita, Governo de Portugal – Direcção-Geral das Artes, Fundação Bissaya Barreto, Ilídio design, MAFIA, Mau Feitio, PCP, RUC.

Ana Ledo, Ana Luísa Cardoso, Ana Maria Silva, Ana Santos Carvalho, Ângela Inácio, Augusto Monteiro, Bernardo Monteiro, Bonifrates, Bruno Carreira, Catarina Resende de Oliveira, Célia Aveleira, CITAC, CITEC, Cláudia Pereira, Diana Graça, Djalme Neves, Francisca Eiriz, Francisca Moreira, Francisco Oliveira, Gabriela Monteiro, Gabriel Costa, Inês Morte, Isabel Dantas, Isabel Onofre, Joana Vindeirinho, João Gonçalves, João Pedro Carvalho, Lígia Anjos, Luísa Cortes, Maria Joana Guimarães Pinto, Marta Baptista, Mário Henriques, Nuno Patinho, Paula Canas, Patrícia Lopes, Pedro Costa, Pedro Medeiros, Ricardo Trindade, Rita Perfeito, Sandra Morais Cardoso, Sara Amaral, Susana Sampaio, Teresa Girão, Teatro do Morcego, Vera Francisco.