“Repetition must be sustained until we’re capable of sinking the earth in water. In the womb, search for the ambiguity of the dream state, relative to the static balance, the moment of reality and the inverse process of existence. You will have no power to remain here, you will gain nothing more than reverie.” Catarina Miranda

The performance originates in the analysis of the states of intermediate perception present in the work of Bardo Thodhol, Liberation Through Hearing During The Intermediate State; the description of a path for the rotting body, of its post-mortem displacement, in a space of repository transposition. The stage is worked as a repository of objects and states, where through the inertia of moving bodies and the uninterrupted rotation, organic matter, flesh and fluid, are transformed into time. Through the exhaustive repetition of a gesture and its refraction in space, each phenomenon remains in continuous evolution, throughout a process of rise and fall. The sound composition occupies the stage, redefining the cosmological space and approaching the timbric strategies of concrete music and of the Japanese Nō theatre.


Concept: Catarina Miranda; Collaboration: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha e Rosabel Huguet; Performance: Catarina Miranda e Rosabel Huguet; Sound Composition: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha; Lighting Design: Catarina Miranda com o apoio de Alexandre Vieira.

Duration// 35 min


Espaço Cultural Altes Finanzamt, Colectivo Flocks&Shoals, Colectivo Soopa, Balleteatro e marionet