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“The fact that I cannot imagine the present moment has always worried me. By the present moment I mean a conscious individual state or process, an experience; the larger scale present is rather easier to grasp. What is a moment, what is this moment, in which i evidently exist, unlike nature, which according to Whitehead’s famous quotation does not exist in a moment?(…)”

“Naturally, the discovered dimension of the psychological present moment could have considerable practical consequences. For instance, in the arts it would be like a universal key. Every musical composition, especially of classic or romantic tradition, has its basic tempo, which the musician either keeps or breaks. This tempo should be in some relation to the dimension of the present moment. Musicologists acquainted with the above-mentioned psychological findings have so far examined Mozart’s music. Several independently run tests have demonstrated that Mozart’s musical motifs average two to three seconds.(…)”

“And: how long are we happy? Using my well-tested and reproducible method of taking off tight shoes, I cannot say I was happy for ten minutes after taking them off. Maybe those few seconds, followed by a reflection in the way of – oh, great, and also, damn, those shoes are tight! And another couple of seconds…(…)”

Excerpts of “The Dimension of the Present Moment and Other Essays” (Miroslav Holub)



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