2 Cyborgs In an Empty Room


Today there are among us cybogs so perfect that their humanity can no longer be discerned from the technological complex that keeps them alive. Trained so meticulously to survive the emptiness we live in and kept in rooms where the human abyss acts as the scenery  for an undefined time where only remains traces of absent objects and emotions. Places where functioning instructions are often times replaced by binary delusions.

Artistic and technical Specs

Staging: Alexandre Lemos; Performers: Costanza Givone e Ricardo Vaz Trindade; Set and Costume Design: Joana Cardoso; Lighting: Rui Simão; Video: Laetitia Morais; Soundtrack: Pedro Augusto (aka Ghunax); Hairstyles: Ilídio Design; Video Recording and Design: João de Almeida; Photography: Francisca Moreira; Executive Production: Lígia Anjos.


Direcção Geral das Artes, Fundação Bissaya Barreto, Câmara Municipal de Municipal de Coimbra, MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra, Oficinas do Convento, Ilídio Design – Cabeleireiros, RUC, TV AAC, Turismo de Coimbra, Delegação Regional do Centro.