Flies are Rats that Fly

2010 co-produção com o Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra/inserido na Noite dos Investigadores 2010

MARIONET has collaborated again this year in the organization of the Researchers’ Night, a initiative of the European Union which happens every year (since 2005) on the fourth Friday of September and has for goal to bring scientists closer to the public at large.

In 2010 the Researchers’ Night will take place on September 24th and theatre is again one of the forms of expression chosen to get scientists closer to other people.The Night will have lots of activities and will happen simultaneously in several European cities. In Portugal, the cities involved are Porto, Coimbra, Lisboa and Olhão. For additional information about the global project you can visit the site (in portuguese) Cientistas ao Palco.

MARIONET’s participation consists of the creation of a theatre performance about the researcher’s life in a scientific lab, which will be presented in Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra, and, once again, with the special particularity of having scientists for actors. Flies are Rats that Fly it’s a performance created by a group of scientific researchers along with MARIONET, which puts the magnifying glass over the daily life of scientists in science world. This performance is a small study. Its object is the scientific society and its relations with the general society. But it is not a sociological study, it’s a performance, an artistic study.

The ones that lead the study are, at the same time, its object. It has been this group of researchers who has built, from scratch, the performance. Its perspective on science is one from the inside. It’s an inside look to the interior and the exterior. The publication of results takes place on a stage and not in a scientific paper. This is the challenge the researchers bravely chose to face: talk about themselves through a means they don’t master. But that’s a typical characteristic of a good scientific researcher – to like challenges.

In Flies are Rats that Fly we analyze relationships between scientific colleagues, we evaluate the hierarchical chain in a research centre, we study its interaction with society during school visits, we investigate the relationships of researchers with their families and friends, we compare different approaches to science both in the country and abroad, we discuss individual and group values – all this under the close observation of the omnipresent characters in a blue smock which permanently accompany the life that pulsates in a research lab.



Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Ângelo Tomé, Diana Rodrigues, Filipa Heitor, Henrique Silva, Inês Almeida, Inês Morte, Inês Violante, Mário Montenegro, Paula Banca, Raquel Ferreira, Teresa Girão, Tiago de Sousa Santos, Vera Francisco; Cast: Ângelo Tomé, Catarina Resende de Oliveira, Diana Rodrigues, Filipa Heitor, Henrique Silva, Inês Almeida, Inês Morte, Inês Violante, Margarida Carneiro, Paula Banca, Raquel Ferreira, Teresa Girão, Tiago de Sousa Santos, Vera Francisco; Text: Raquel Ferreira; Direction and light design: Mário Montenegro; Costume and props: Joana Cardoso; Video capture and edition: Rodrigo Lacerda; Photos: Francisca Moreira e Rodrigo Lacerda; Executive production: Alexandre Lemos, Emanuel Botelho ; Co-production: MARIONET 2010 | Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra



Ministério da Cultura | DG Artes, Ilídio Design, MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra, RUC



A Escola da Noite, CNC, Projecto BUH!