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what do we want from the stars?

In the summer of 2008, in OOLOOA, we created a physical separation between Science and Art, a gap of about 700 meters, and placed the audience closer to a scientific perspective of the universe. Only through telescopes could they observe the distant happenings, just like in an astronomical observation.

Now, with zOOm, we bring closer the artistical perspective and place the audience next to the constellations. With these two performances we are embodying and reflecting on the different perspectives about the universe as seen by Art and Science and, in the end, considering the differences between the two.


Text and direction: Mário Montenegro | Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Anabela Fernandes, Mário Montenegro, Pedro Andrade, Rui Capitão e Rui Simão | Stage design, costume, props and image: Pedro Andrade | Original soundtrack: Rui Capitão | Technical direction and lighting: Rui Simão | Performed by: Alexandre, Anabela Fernandes e Mário Montenegro | Original video: Francisco Queimadela, Mariana Caló e Alexandre Lemos | Video edition: António Gonçalves | Video operation: Laetitia Morais | Photography: Francisca Moreira | Executive production: Alexandre Lemos, Marta Furtado

Production: MARIONET 2009


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