LED – inner voyage in a computer


For the many of us, what goes on in a computer when we use it is what we see on the screen. But what really goes on inside the box we call computer?
We defy you to answer this question. How? Entering the micro-world of a computer we imagined. We chose a elemental particle, an electron, to travel along several components of this computer. The starting and ending point are our imagination. In between, we find some answers but, most of all, we find a lot of questions like for instance: what’s to repent?
We accompany an electron in a voyage through a computer turned on and witness several encounters between this elemental particle and the unusual characters that live there. The various components of a computer – processor, memory, transistor, resistor,… – together with the different components of a theatre performance – sound, light, video, performers – configure another hug between science and theatre in our work.


The computer is turned on. Apparently all is normal, another functioning period. But looking closer, very very close, we discover something is not obeying the known laws of the universe. It’s an electron. Alone. Questioning his function in the world. The voyage of this electron through the computer becomes a discovery voyage where he tries to find the reason for his existence. 
Considering the technological world we live in, we invite you to try this new kind of computer, brand MARIONET, where electrons defy the laws of Physics, carry questions and think.
LED – inner voyage in a computer premièred on September 25th, 2006, in Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, in Coimbra, and had two more presentations in the afternoon and evening of the following day.


Text and direction: Mário Montenegro | Discussion and ideas: Alexandre, Laetítia Morais. Mário, Montenegro, Pedro Andrade, Rui Capitão, Sandra Simões | Performed by: Alexandre (Electron)
Sandra Simões (Power supply, Resistor, Conductor X, Memory, Photon 1), Mário Montenegro (Conductor Y, Processor, Transistor, Photon 2) | Stage design, costume, props and image: Pedro Andrade | Lighting: Mário Montenegro | Light operation:Melânia Ramos | Original soundtrack and sound operation: Rui Capitão | Video creation and operation: Laetítia Morais | Photography: Francisca Moreira | Hairstyling: Carlos Gago – Ilídio Design Production: MARIONET 2006


Delegação Regional da Cultura do Centro | Teatro Académico Gil Vicente | INATEL – delegação de Coimbra | MAFIA – federação cultural de Coimbra | Ilídio Design – cabeleireiros | Ru( – rádio universidade de Coimbra


Ana Cristina Feio, Continente – Coimbra, Escola Secundária de Avelar Brotero, Fátima Lemos, Maria João Feio, Marina Dolbeth, Mónica Gomes, Nelson Rodrigues, Pedro Feio, república “Rosa Luxemburgo”.