Gain of Conscience


MARIONET continues to explore, with this work, its Project About Real, following the production Three Lefty Hours where it observed reality from an uncommon point of view. The idea for this work was grabbed from a comic story of Carali published in the French magazine Psikopat. In a world of increasing complexity and specialization it’s not uncommon to find human beings lost in the complex system of relationships and communication called society. Petitions, referendum, manifests, inflation, estimations, previsions, scenarios, investment, micro, macro, mid-class, minimum income, professional formation, all this is human, all this is humankind. Are there people left?

This is the story of a lost and scared boy cruising our society. “What’s this? What’s this for? Why’s this this way?” He lacks answers. At home, his parents repeat over and over the same explanations, ending up, invariably, with a resigned “this is the way things are”. But the Abnormal, our youngster, can’t accommodate or strangle his questions, so he continues searching for the answers in a brutal fight against something completely unnatural to him.
Outside, away from home, his friends and the society in general constitute even stronger and ruthless adversaries to his way of thinking and the way he wants to be. Abnormal endures a daily fight against the human society he lives in and which, paradoxically, tries to cover his natural human instincts.

Will he be able to resist the social avalanche he lives with? If the answer is yes, how? If not, until when?
Answers to this case might me found throughout Gain of Conscience. 


Idea taken from a comic story by Carali
Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Lobo, Margarida Antunes de Sousa, Mário Montenegro, Nuno Fareleira e Rui Capitão | Text and direction: Mário Montenegro | Performed by: Alexandre Lemos, Margarida Antunes de Sousa, Mário Montenegro e Nuno Fareleira | Original soundtrack: Rui Capitão | Lighting: Mário Montenegro | Drawings and paintings: Lobo | Photography: Francisca Moreira | Light and sound operation: Rui Capitão | Composition and graphics modelation | Nuno Fareleira | Hairstyling: Carlos Gago | Carpentry: Carlos Madeira| | Stage design and costume: MARIONET | Production: MARIONET 2004


Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Delegação de Coimbra do Inatel, Ilídio Design, Mafia – Federação Cultural de Coimbra, Rádio Universidade de Coimbra