A synthesis and at the same time a rupture with our previous work, this performance seems to diverge from the several paths we had been following as a theatre company.
In fact, our previous experience was the basis for this theatrical experiment.
DogoD is a reflection about communication, more specifically, about communication in a theatrical performance. And being itself object of experimentation, it approaches the boundaries of the theatre.
It poses a question:
When does theatre stop being theatre?
On stage an actor, the sound, the image, each one building its universe. The creation process is exposed. However, these independent processes influence each other and build a common artistic object.
In DogoD teh sound and the image possess a similar importance to that of the actor. The performance is built from the balance between these three forces.
We share with the audience the story of this construction, moment after moment, and leave some questions hanging around in the end.


Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Ana Val-do-Rio, Filipa Freitas, Francisca Moreira, Maria João Feio, Mário Montenegro, Pedro Feio, Pedro Malacas, Rui Capitão | Performed and directed by: Mário Montenegro | Original soundtrack and sound operation: Rui Capitão | Video: Filipa Freitas e Pedro Malacas | Photography: Francisca Moreira | Graphic design: Alexandre Lemos e Gonçalo Fernandes | Stage design: MARIONET | Hairstyling: Ilídio Design | Executive production: Alexandre Lemos
Production: MARIONET 2004


anca. | Câmara Municipal de Coimbra | Ilídio Design | Inatel – Delegação de Coimbra |  MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra |  RUC | TAGV