The Nose

2003 co-produção com Coimbra 2003 – Capital Nacional da Cultura, em 2005 co-produção com o Exploratório Infante D. Henrique – Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra

This production was Inspired in “The Nose”, the short story from Gogol, and continues our path of bringing science to the theatre. Here we explore the functioning and the importance of the sense of smell and the profound consequences of anosmia (the partial or total lack of this sense).
The theme for this production was suggested to us by Exploratório Infante D. Henrique which was preparing at the time an exhibition about the nose and the olfaction.
The result is The Nose, where the loss of olfaction by one man triggers a meeting between Science and Theatre where they both discover life.


Mr. Perfect Love has the face white with shaving cream and awaits in silence the expert fingers of the barber.
Oddly enough, a unusual hitching in his nose makes him move with discomfort in the chair. A bright reflection of light in the razorblade closes his eyes briefly. When the barber screams and he opens his eyes he could see, for a moment, his nose running through the door into the busy street.
This nightmare Mr. Perfect Love had, triggers na unusual day when he discovers that he has lost his olfaction and, with it, all the smells of the world including that delicious spring-like scent of his beloved Violet.
Mr. Perfect Love tries desperatly to find the causes and a solution for his anosmia and he meets two singular characters who are willing to solve his problem, each using its particular methods: Science and Theatre.
The competition on stage between these two goes far beyond the limits of common sense and ends up with the victory of one of them, who consequently makes Mr. Perfect Love face the biggest dilemma of his life.
This production was premièred on March 25th, 2003, included in the theatre programme of Coimbra Capital Nacional da Cultura, and ran from the 25th to the 27th of that month in Museu dos Transportes in Coimbra.
From September 24th to 27th of the same year it was presented in Aveiro, in Estaleiro Teatral, and it travelled back to Coimbra were it was presented on October 13th and 14th in Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente. In November 2005 we presented a new version of The Nose included in the Science and Technology Week celebrations, organized by Exploratório Infante D. Henrique.


Performed by: [2003] Alexandre Lemos, Margarida Antunes de Sousa, Mário Montenegro, Nica Guerra [2005] Alexandre Lemos, Anabela Fernandes, Mário Montenegro | Text and Direction: Mário Montenegro | Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Margarida Antunes de Sousa, Mário Montenegro, Nica Guerra, Pedro Andrade, Rui Capitão | Stage design, costume and poster: Pedro Andrade | Lighting: Pedro Machado | Original sound track: Rui Capitão | Video: sal. | Photography: Francisca Moreira, Sofia Frazão | Smelly effects: Mário Teixeira | Hairstyling: Paula Rodrigues, Ilídio Design | Executive production: MARIONET 2003, 2005


Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, CITAC, Ilídio Design, IPJ-Coimbra, MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra, RUC, TEUC.


Ana Sofia Ribeiro, David Capitão, Maria João Feio, Mário Teixeira, Nuno Fareleira