Make a Tale


From “Once upon a time” to “and they lived happily ever after!” there’s a world in watercolours tones we know well even before our first whys.
A long long time ago, very far away, in a distant kingdom of a distant land, there are castles with distressed princesses, dungeons which enclose seven-headed dragons and giants with only one eye, tiny houses made of candy, coal mines where only a midget can fit, enchanted forests, fairies with magic sticks, witches with cauldrons, and they say we can even find some talking animals for a good conversation…
This is the palette of colours we use to unleash imagination, the magical ingredients to use at will, which in our eagerness to learn science and humanities we slowly forgot.

MakE a TALe is this colourful imaginary which evades from the plane surface of story books to disturb our routine. The primary audience are the children, those who believe one can be happy forever…
But considering streets have no doorways like a fairground to control maximum height, there’s no age limit for Make a Tale, and it even enjoys the mixture of people.

Once upon a time there’s an enchanted prince ripe enough to get married. A bawl is organized, as usual in the enchanted royal families, pompous and filled with candidates to princess. The timely intervention of a fairy (a good one) creates a chariot from a pumpkin and a silk dress from a bunch of old rags. All this plus a pair of beautiful eyes triggers passion in the prince which was supposed to get married. But this enchantments thing is always temporary and later that day, midnight sharp, silk goes back to rag and chariot to pumpkin…


Discussion and ideas: Alexandre Lemos, Ana Val-do-Rio e Mário Montenegro | Performed by: Alexandre Lemos e Ana Val-do-Rio | Text, direction, costume and props: Alexandre Lemos e Ana Val-do-Rio | Drawings and ilustrations: Ana Madureira | Photography: Francisca Moreira | Hairstyling: Carlos Gago | Sewing: Fátima Lemos
Executive producer: MARIONET 2003


Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, MAFIA – Federação Cultural de Coimbra, Escola Secundária Infanta D. Maria, Ilídio Design.