Strange Love


Strange Love – a musical odyssey through love mysteries
*his shows are instantly translated into Portuguese

iL Maiale Nero is the root, body and members of Strange Love. In his show he sing us the ventures and backslashes of human love. Quoting one frequent sentence of his: “We are things which constantly do things we repent and feel proud.”
Pioneer of fusion in the music world and beyond, he specialized on getting from his guitar what it does not want and likes to chat with the audience of his rare shows.
Born in the past century, still doesn’t know when he’s going to die.


Globalization has taken over our sentences. iL Maiale Nero, summer fruit of the end of the frontiers, premières in Coimbra a work he’s been chewing for the last few years.
This singer/actor is considered by specialists as a pioneer of the fusion movement worldwide: “since he appeared something fused.”
He possesses a music style which privileges the content of the venues he acts in and he specialized on getting from his guitar what it refuses. The artificial support, as he remarks, is one of the means he uses to pour his words out.
The set of songs last seen publicly in a show of his was: Lurdes, Butterflies, Sane Mind in a Healthy Body, Jejus, Tetelé Fonaré, Lack of I, With You Just Want More, Justification, My Tongue is Injured, Cowboy and Convinced Myself I Know How to Sing.
The lyrics of these songs range from the people and their wishes to love and its two breasts.
MARIONET adverts this show needs sense of humour.


Global conception: iL Maiale Nero. Music and lyrics: iL Maiale Nero. Performed by: iL Maiale Nero. Executive producer (in Portugal): MARIONET 2002