Three Lefty Hours

2001 co-produção com o Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente

Three Lefty Hours was the first production of MARIONET. It’s the result of a co-production with Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente and constituted the première of Daniil Kharms (1905 – 1942), a Russian writer from the beginning of the XX century, in a Portuguese stage. Kharms is the author of a vast series of writings in a peculiar style, and an important part of his work has been forbidden in the Russia of Stalin. His texts began to emerge only in the second half of the XX century.

Conscious of the importance of Daniil Kharms writings in the world of literature, MARIONET wanted to contribute to its diffusion within Portuguese borders. With that purpose with edited, along with the stage production Three Lefty Hours, a homonymous book containing the texts used in the production translated by Julio Henriques, who is also responsible for an interesting introduction to Kharms and his universe also included in the book.

Three Lefty Hours has for skeleton 14 short texts of Daniil Kharms. We seldom find in Kharms writings sequences of uncommon happenings, grouped in a same text as common situations. Kharms describes a reality which seems very odd, where the human smallness and defects appear enlarged. The texts we chose show reveal the unique vision of Kharms about some of the subjects which cross his work: chance, repression, censorship, human curiosity, cruelty, the meanness of human concerns. This texts function as scathing critics which reveal the cruelty of certain behaviours and ideologies still existent today and which, in a pessimistic point of view, will always exist in human communities. In a sentence: the subject of this stage production is the small chapter on small defects included in the Great Encyclopaedia of the Human Stupidity.


Stage production built upon texts from Daniil Kharms | Translator: Júlio Henriques | Directors: Mário Montenegro e Nuno Pinto | Stage Design: Rita Crespo Sampaio | Costume: Maria João Sampaio | Lighting: Pedro Machado | Photos and video: Nuno patinho | Performed by: Mário Montenegro e Nuno Pinto


MARIONET / Teatro Académico Gil Vicente


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